Sanalala and Folasaitu of Faleata

Meanwile, Gatoaitele (Gato) and Gasoloai (Gaso), the daughters of La’auli, had grown up and stories about their beauty and mutual love had spread far and wide.

Suitors came from all parts of Samoa to Fale’ula to woo and win these girls. Among the most ardent of the suitors were Sanalala and Folasaitu, both high chiefs of Faleata. Again and again the girls had listened to the flattering speeches of the two young chiefs, but neither could come to a decision.

One day, when the two sisters were alone, Gato said, “I know that my father wants me to marry Folasa, because he is th eleader of the Itu’aw, the vanguard of Tuamasaga. Yet, I love Sanalaala and I shall give him my hand as soon as I can safely do so. What I propose is this: Do you take Folasa and I shal be free to live with Sanalala. But if Folasa does not treat you very well, you must leave him and come to me, so that we may enjoy the company of the man we both love. Should, however, Sanalala fail to prove the kind man he appears to be, then I shall leave him and we both will live with Folasa.

As the mutual love of the sisters was very great and sincere, Gaso accepted the proposition and declared herself ready to marry Folasa although she did not fancy him any more than her sister did.

So it was that Gaso became the wife of Folasa and Gato the wife of Sanalala. Gato felt more and more happy as the days went by, but her sister was unhappy in the company of Folasa. Weeks and months passed, yet her position did not improve. It even seemed to her that Folasa did not care whether she remained with him or not.

One day, therefore, she made up her mind to go to her sister in order to enjoy her company and that of Sanalala, too. Meanwhile Sanalala had learned to his great sorrow that his beloved Gato was barren. So he was only too glad to accept her sister as a true wife, the moreso as Gato was quite in favor of this expediency.

Gaso bore him three children: a boy Lalovimama, and two girls Vaeatamasoa and Letougaugatuitoga. They were the joy of their parents. Lalovi grew up into a fine young man, while his sisters developed into beautigul young women.

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